Weed Control

Japanese Knotweed in Leeds is a growing problem, as it is across the country.

Our groundcare management teams are based in stanningley, pudsey, farsley.

Our specialist team, treat contaminations of knotweed and can eradicate the weed.


Other weeds are also treated including broad leafed weed on grass, gravel areas which need to be kept clear, around buildings and on borders.

The scariest weed is Giant Hogweed the sap from this plant can cause severe blistering follow this link to find out more.


Weeds such ragwort, himalayan balsam, mares tail, horse tail, clover, bind weeds, dock, thistle and dandelion can all cause problems but with the correct treatment they can all be managed.


Moss and Algae Killer for paths, decking, block paving and tennis courts etc can be applied and left - no scrubbing, no pressure washing no refilling with sand.


We also have a wide range of weed killers available from  Groundcare.shop for both licensed and domestic use.

If you employ someone to treat your weeds please ensure they have a valid spray licence to use these potentially dangerous chemicals on your premises.


Call our friendly team for further help or advice.

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